Nachalo (The Beginning)
Illustrated Magazine

The Antropov Foundation has always considered its international cultural and educational projects a priority. Since 2010, the Foundation has been publishing Nachalo (or The Beginning) – its illustrated monthly flagship magazine, completely free of commercial advertising.

The periodical is intended for independent audience relying on its faculties of critical thinking – that special and unique lot who have their own individuality and are not ready to thoughtlessly follow the majority, but wish to build their views and opinions independently, by reflection and getting the grasp of the complex current issues.

The magazine introduces its Russian and European Russian-speaking readership to contemporary global thinkers, discusses human rights, principles of civil society and, certainly, philanthropy.

At various stages among the magazines’ major contributors were: philosopher Darío Salas Sommer, French religious thinker Arnaud Desjardins, international reporter Vladimir Pozner, ballet prima Maya Plisetskaya, international voyager, aerial and marine explorer Fyodor Konyokhov, psychologist Lisa Feldman Barrett and many other outstanding personalities.

The magazine is distributed in Russia and internationally across the capitals of USA, Germany, France, Monaco, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Hungary etc.

Please, contact: if you wish to subscribe, and, if you have other queries.