The Antropov Foundation aims to foster and promote values steeped in ethical philosophy among the public.


Alexey Antropov, Mikhail Shemyakin

Who we are

We consider it our mission to help individuals develop their potential for implementing positive changes in our society. The charity’s main field of activity lies in promoting a wide spectrum of philanthropic, cultural and academic initiatives that increase overall social responsibility and contribute to overall prosperity and world peace. We believe that culture and fostering of talent pave the way to a better world. With headquarters in Monaco, the Antropov Foundation supports public cultural institutions, administrative bodies, scholarly initiatives and individuals of outstanding talent across Russia, Europe (France, UK) and beyond.

Our history

The history of the foundation
began with a meaningful encounter.

As related by its founder, Alexey Antropov: “Many years ago, I met the Chilean philosopher and humanist, Darío Salas Sommer. Sommer’s best-known book, Morals of the 21st Century, became one of my best guides and companions. Sommer’s philosophy and books changed my whole life, giving to it a sense of meaning and purpose, and prompted me to become involved in charity projects. Under the impression from our conversations, I established my own charity that undertook to promote meaningful and life-changing encounters for other people.” Over the last ten years, the foundation supported cultural projects in Monaco, Paris, London, Moscow and Sochi.

Since 2009, its founding year, the Antropov Foundation has been publishing its own philosophical non-profit illustrated magazine Nachalo (The Beginning). Printed in Europe, the US and Russia, it is addressed to the critically and independently thinking readership

Our mission and goals

We aim to forge successful shared value partnerships.


We believe that current philanthropy schemes are not as efficient as they should be. For this reason, we have initiated our new project, focussed on forging new models and vision for the philanthropy of the future. Since early 2018, the Foundation has been working on major philanthropical initiatives and setting of the philanthropical agenda for the new millennium. The foundation held an important International Philanthropy Summit in Monaco in February 2018. We hope to develop this project in close collaboration with businesses, governments, educational and cultural institutions.