The criminal thriller Passenger from San-Francisco, directed by Anatoly Balchev, was screened during the 75th Venice International Film Festival on September 3, 2018.

The feature was based on the plotline of Ivan Bunin’s short story The Gentleman from San Francisco but set in the Soviet times.

Left to right: Mr. Alexey Antropov and Mr. Anatoly Balchev.

Left to right: Mr. Mark Ivasilevich (film producer), Mr. Anatoly Balchev (film director), Ms. Valeriya Lakeeva, Mr. Mikhail Chemiakine (artist), Ms. Aya Antropova and Mr. Alexey Antropov.

The film was welcomed by the industry professionals and cinema enthusiasts alike. The screening was attended by the sculptor and artist Mikhail Chemiakine, the acclaimed European film critic Anna Franklin, art historian and philosopher Gleb Smirnov, artist Leigh Warre, author Robin Saikia, Sarah de Kay, film producer Marc Ivasilevitch and many others.

Following the release of the film in Venice, it was also shown on September 13 at the Alicante International Film Festival in Spain. In both cases, the film was jointly presented by Apollo Films Production and the Antropov Foundation.