Having forged a strategic partnership with CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies) and its Director Dr. Daniel Gros, the Antropov Foundation was honoured to participate in its annual flagship event – the CEPS Ideas Lab conference, which took place between 5-6 March, 2020 in Brussels.

According to the organisers, this event was “an innovative platform of exchange and co-creation that brought together think tanks from across Europe, representatives of national governments, businesses, NGOs and European institutions”. It attracted over a thousand participants to debate key policy issues for Europe. In 2020, the conference’s main theme was Europe’s Next Stage.

The Antropov Foundation spokesperson chaired the panel discussion Black Swans: In Search for Patterns of Unforeseen Events that aroused much interest and sparked a lively discussion around that highly relevant subject. Black Swan is a new term that emerged after the publication of the eponymous book by Nassim Taleb.

It now stands for unpredictable or unforeseen events, typically with extreme consequences. The Antropov Foundation were extremely lucky to run the conference early in March, just before the major outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide.

Major speakers at the conference included Dr. Daniel Gros himself, Dr. Christoph Abels, fellow of the Hertie School of Governance, and Chris Gibson-Smith, former chairman of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSE).

Photo taken during the Ideas Lab Conference in Brussels, March 2020. Left to right: Alexey Savostyanov, Dr. Daniel Gros, Chris Gibson-Smith.